Saturday, November 17, 2012

Israeli Military is Third-rate, it only kills unarmed people

Israel is not a nation-state. It is a pathological person. the impunity with which it has been bombing and maiming Palestinian children and other hapless citizens, only informs us that the Zionists remain in a perpetual state of fear. The kind of fear we associate with animals. Israeli military actions are synonymous with that of terrorists. It is a third-rate military that will not be able to sustain itself against a well equipped armed force, it can only attack unarmed people in Palestine. 
Time has come for the world to control Israeli insanity. Rather than waiting for their own Statehood, Palestinians along with their land should merge into another state like Egypt or Syria and meet Israeli military head on. The world must demand an end to Israeli atrocities and lies that follow.

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  1. Hizballah fighters have already proved the Jewish army to be a third-rated genocidal coward killing machine during 34-day 2006 Israel-Lebanon War.