Wednesday, January 15, 2014


India is not here to prove Manu, Marx or Milton (Friedman) right. Irrespective of whether it is post ideological or ‘apotheosises non-thought’- AAP’s philosophy is that India is meant to do good to the Indians. AAP is focused on serving the people within the Indian territory where it enjoys greater autonomy to ameliorate the conditions of the toiling and suffering masses. 

AAP refrains from making some pompous and theoretically sound strategic statements on how to rule the world, because AAP’s idea of India is embedded in prudent understanding of India’s current limitations and not on any delusions of grandeur and global greatness. AAP neither subscribes to ‘proletarian internationalism’ nor does it wish to indulge in the right wing extravagance of ‘Akhand Bharat’. 

Currently, India is not in a position to alter or even tweak the international order, where U.S. and Europe hold approximately 63% of the global wealth estimated to be $ 200 trillion. 

AAP believes that in an iniquitous world, the limited autonomy enjoyed by medium powers can only be exercised and enhanced by harnessing internal potential rather than indulging in rhetoric of playing a larger role in the external arena. Therefore, the entire focus is on looking within and internal empowerment. 

In an ideal world, there would be no binary divisions based on urban-rural; manual-mental; public-private. Since such a dream society is not possible in the near future, one needs to settle down to for a middle path. The means of production may not be collectively owned but they will not be handed over to unscrupulous business class that only believes in maximizing profits. The right to property will not be tampered but distributing India's lands to all Indians will be ensured. 

To achieve this one needs motivated and untainted government employees to implement regulatory laws. One way of taming societal and corporate greed is to use the government’s muscle power to cut the corporates to size, the way the Soviets did. The other method is to use Chinese Cultural Revolution techniques to dismantle and dislodge the bourgeoisie. Unfortunately, both options involve destruction and have proved to be unsustainable over a long period. An easier and a more viable option is to reform and revolutionize the government machinery and officials and distance them from business. Once this nexus is broken regulation will begin to work. This is precisely what AAP intends to do through its anti-corruption drive and create a more just India.