Saturday, October 29, 2016

Stop it! Stop the Senseless Violence on Indo-Pak Border

They have their Allah and you have your Ram. They have their Ghazni, you have your Pratap. They do ceasefire violation on Diwali you pay them back on Eid. You behead, they behead. You cross the Loc, they do the same. One terrorist attack there and one here. You do surgical strikes; they give back in the same coin. 

You have nukes, so do they. You unleash your trolls on social media to sing the chorus of patriotism and militarism, they follow suit. 

Your realist talk limited war; their realist blabber proxy war. You give a billion-dollar push to modernize your forces, they try to catch up. To replenish your ammo stocks both of you rush to the same sources abroad. When stalks are depleted both of you fly to Washington  humming peace  numbers.

Sit back and see. What exactly are you trying to acheive? your efforts have only yielded is mutilations in Machill, Mankote, Mendhar and many other location on the border. All that your vision has produced is death of twenty-year-old jawans on both sides of the border. 

You guys and your counterparts over there are bloody nincompoops. Incapable of stopping needless violence. You lack imagination to find solutions. You are a gullible fools who is easily manipulated by international arms dealers. You are hidebound, bloodthirsty leeches who not only kill each other but are also ready to sow nuclear radiations on the subcontinental soil. And all this is being done to follow some vague lines on the map drawn by some third-rate British frontier officer. 

Perhaps, you are smart. It is the people of the subcontinent that are brain dead. Even after years of experience of misery and mayhem, the they continue to buy your argument for more war