Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Make it Large...

Revolution is dead – henceforth, all human beings will stop indulging in politics- announced the spin doctors of globalization. Individuality dovetailed with indifference will make the forces of resistance redundant, thundered the generals of neo-liberalism. I stood in attention, almost ready to follow them. My friends told me – grow up, and move on. But my heart resisted - telling me to hold on. I refused to believe that an unequal world can be just. My sensitivities just refused to accept the logic that only a select few had the right to live with dignity  - but I did not dare to oppose them.

I packed my faith in people’s power and hid it in the deepest recesses of my heart. I had almost forgotten about the packet, until of course, the Egyptians began gathering at the Tahrir Sqaure. The mass upsurge and the unity of human beings on display made my heart pound harder. My  eyes could see the resurrection of revolution. This sudden burst of lighting was not a flash in the pan - chants of change started emerging from Greece, Portugal, London, Paris, Italy – Wall Street began getting filled up with masses.

The ‘class war’ cries in Washington made the richie-rich like Jamie Dimon, chairman JP Morgan Chase,  wail in pain- "When I hear the constant vilification of corporate America, I personally don't understand it. I would ask a lot of our folks in government to stop doing it because I think it's hurting our country". Poor Jamie is concerned – he just can’t bear to see the pus flowing out of his country’s wounds. He is complaining against vilification of the corporate but why was he quiet when the public sector and everything with a government stamp was being maligned? Jamie is nothing but a scoundrel – patriotism is his last resort to retain his privileges that he advocates denying to millions. 

Amidst abundance of positivity - yesterday I heard negative news – ‘25 Coptic Christians have been killed in Egypt.’ My heart missed a beat - Jamie Dimons’ of the world came and possessed me - whispering in my ear – “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” I immediately rushed out into my balcony for fresh air and freedom from evil, but could not shed the doubt implanted in my mind. Perhaps, Jamie is right – he and his friends will never let revolutions happen. They will successfully employ the age old tactic – divide and rule.

So, is all this resurgence of protests movements just an illusion? Will people forget this financial crisis too -  go back home and continue to weather the assault on their dignity? Will the western world once again loot the less developed world to keep their homeland calm - Will they again make colonies? Will the ethnic and religious divide in the third world deepen? Searching for answers to these questions, I looked up, saw a shooting star and made a wish – Don't allow even God to destroy the unity among masses.   

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