Friday, June 1, 2012

A Deadly Strategic Triangle - Hillary, Hasina and Mamata

Bless me please! Shah Rukh Khan and his team with Mamata Banerjee  

Mamata Banerjee is blessed. Shah Rukh, the King of Bollywood has added a purple patch to the otherwise tattered Trinamool rule in West Bengal.
Hillary Clinton, (technically the second) lady of the empire, too has showered praise on Mamata for being looked after well during her brief stay at Kolkata.

While Shah Rukh is bowing before Didi to seek state patronage after being mistreated at the cricket ground in his home town at Mumbai, Hillary intentions are directed more towards making Mamata genuflect in front of imperial desires.

The two ladies in an animated discussion 

Needless to mention, Ms Clinton patted Mamata ’s back for bringing out a regime change in West Bengal - without US and Nato special forces - and without making the US state department run around United nations to seek legitimacy to bomb Bengali Marxists to stone age - for causing discomfort to Manmohan on civil-nuclear deal.

After exchanging the pleasantries, Clinton must also have given Mamata her piece of mind on the strategic importance of Bangladesh in the US scheme of things. While giving assurances about stepping up US investments in the state, Clinton must have told Mamata to be nice to Sheikh Hasina on Teesta River issue.

After all, Clinton did not travel thousands of miles to discuss FDI in retail sector and collect some Bengali goodies. This is being reinforced by the recent news reports regarding the US plans to open a military base in Bangladesh.

Keeping in mind, the city of joy’s intellectual capacity to understand imperialism and its sinister designs, Washington must have nudged Mamata to prevent the comrades from establishing any links with the growing anti-Americanism in Dhaka.

To top it all, Clinton must have reassured Mamata not to worry to much about strategic aspects as the US has made sure that India’s former national security adviser and an expert on internal security matters is always there to tango.

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  1. That's a rather interesting angle! Even among the Left circles Hillary's visit has been seen as mostly dealing with the FDI. This is a mighty interesting way to look at the visit. Thanks