Friday, February 12, 2016


India has a RSS problem. Its stand against the cult of violence is ambiguous. This Janus-faced, cultural-politico outfit is the wounded-remnant of the British divide-and-rule policy that juxtaposed nationalism with religion. Its primary interest is to preserve the wealth of the few upper caste Indians.  In order to sustain the inequalities in society and preserve class and caste privileges of the rich it uses the religious card. It is for this reason that RSS hates Dalits who challenge caste hierarchies. Its agenda is to convince Hindus to believe - cow is bigger than country - India is Hindutva and Hindutva is India. 

Emboldened by BJP’s massive victory in 2014 Lok Sabha polls, RSS launched a ‘cultural war’ in the country. The Sangh parivaar ideologues have used the term ‘war’ to describe the current atmosphere of intolerance in the country for two reasons. One, war conjures up feelings of patriotism and makes it simpler to insist, “once at war, reason is treason.”  Secondly, makes it simpler to dub doubters and dissenters as enemies and thus violence against them is justified. The idea is to instil fear in the minds of ordinary citizens, make them feel obliged to Hindu Gods for their existence in India. 

A systematic propaganda machinery operates 24X7 to vilify the ‘lifestyles’ of Sangh’s main enemies - minorities and Liberals. Labelled unpatriotic, public opinion is turned against them with tales of their irreverence to the cow or for their identity that embraces humanism and dignity for each life. The vicious vilification campaign against the voice of reason does not even spare prestigious national educational institutions.

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